PDF to Word conversion Service

PDF to Word conversion Service

I am a freelancer with more than 10-year experience, I provide PDF to Word conversion Service to Translation/Localization Companies.

Translation/Localization Companies consider PDF source files as a struggling part in translation process, especially when applying Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT tools) such as Trados, Memoq, etc to translate PDF files. Although CAT tools nowadays have provided a lot of assistances with PDF files, there are still struggles if your source files are in PDF format. In some special cases, we might even not extract the text on PDF files into CAT tools.

My PDF to Word conversion service will help Translation/Localization Companies deal with difficulties in translating PDF files. My PDF to Word conversion service is a combination of experience coverting PDF files into Word files and the understading of how CAT tools work. Using CAT tools proficiently would make perfect converted Word files. When using my PDF to Word conversion service, you just need to provide your PDF files, you will be sent your converted Word files and your work is just using CAT tools to translate them.

What is my PDF to Word conversion service?

First, I use techniques and tools to convert PDF files into Word ones. All the content of the PDF files will be transferred to Word files, including text, images, tables, headers and footers. All of them will remain the same as in your original PDF files.

After that, I will check those below standards to ensure the quality of Word files:

  • Fonts are correct
  • Size of text is correct
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Check if alignment is correct
  • Paper size is same
  • Headers and footers (if available) are same
  • Quotation marks are correct
  • Check if bold, italic or underline text is in same place as source
  • Check for double spacing, periods, commas, etc.
  • Check for spaces before commas
  • Check for spaces before periods
  • If there are tables – rows and lines have to be same as source
  • If there are lines – check position and size
  • If there are pictures – must look same as source
  • Check the spaces around pictures (left, right, top, down)
  • Make sure there are no missing period
  • If there are bullets check with original
  • Check for missing parts and sentences
  • Check that links are updated
  • Check for superscripts and Unicode
  • Make sure that graphics are localized
  • Check margins

Not just only converting normal Word files, we ensure that those files can be easily imported in CAT tools for translation. Therefore, at the second step, I will create Word files which can be ready to be translated by CAT tools such as Trados, Memoq, etc. For example, table of contents will be created automatically and they are not counted in word count tool, so the words counted is fewest and your translation cost is as least as possible.

By converting PDF to Word, Word files created can be translated in CAT tools, which means that translation memories are also created. It can save the cost and improve your translation quality.

Besides, my created Word files can be used for printing, presenting or updating on websites due to your demand.

PDF to Word conversion Language

I can provide PDF to Word conversion service in all World languages, including Right to left (RTL) and Left to Right (LTR) ones.

I am always ready to do a free DTP test for you to prove the quality

Contact to Free Trial: Email localizationengineers@gmail.com or info@hoanggiatrang.com

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